Lead and zinc processing plant construction




In order to process lead and zinc, IMIDRO called for investment early 2016, whose theme is: "Invest to construct processing “plants” with an annual production capacity of 800 thousand tonnes of zinc concentrate at a grade of at least 35% and 80 thousand tons of lead-silver concentrate at a grade of 60% lead and distributing the required infrastructure.

Based on the call, 13 companies and consertiums participated the first phase, 7 of which qualified for the nex round after pre-evaluation was conducted. Samples of Mehdiabad soil were delivered to them for their processing studies.

Finally, after delivery of documents to qualified applicants and technical and commercial reviews, 3 envelopes reopened, by IMIDRO Trading Commission vote and a consortium of companies of Mobin, Arya south, the development of copper processing housing, Sormak Mines and Lead and Zinc Industry Association was announced as the winner on August 15, 2016.