IMIDRO Director Dr Karbasian Visits Mehdiabad Mineral Complex and Reviewing the Progress of the Project

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Mehdiabad Mine Complex PR: Dr Karbasian visited the project and said: "The Mehdiabad Mine Consortium is preparing the first phase to product  zinc concentrate in the Mine.

He stated that Mehdiabad is one of the largest mines in the world, with 154 million tons of zinc are with grade of 6 % . Also he added : "The investor consortium is currently carrying out prestripping activities, obtaining permites, supplying the infrastructure and choosing the national  technology  and it is anticipated that its first phase will be exploited in early 98" .

The purpose of the first phase of the Mehdiabad mine project is to produce 200 thousand  tons of zinc concentrate. Karbasian reminded: " Initiation of  the production of the product in the first  phase, will supply  part of the needs of the zinc plants" . Currently, the zinc industries produce  more than 400 thousand tons of billet in Iran.

So far, a significant portion of the domestic demand was provided by the Anguran Zinc Mine. But given that  about 10 years have left  since the life of the Anguran Mine, the Mehdiabad Zinc Mine can meet the future needs of the zinc industry.

 IMIDRO Director also said: "We are witnessing the equipping of workshop with the right equipment, with 30 dump trucks, 11 bulldozers, as well as a significant number of excavator and Shovel working in the mine" .

Engineer Safari as the Manager of the Mehdiabad  Mining  Complex announced the cooperation of the provincial authorities in the project and added : " The subject of the contract for the transfer of water from the waste water site of Yazd to 105 km is finalized and will be in the pipeline in the near future".

He carried on : The 80-megawatt transmission line for the Mehdiabad Mining Project will be finalized and we will soon see the purchase and transportation of equipment.

He also mentioned about the employment status of the project and said : " Currently 500 people  are working  in the Mine, which is expected to increase number of employment to 1,000 people by starting the first phase of plant " .

IMIDRO BoD Chairman Dr Karbasian thanked for the environmental issues taken in the Mine and said: " Fortunately, with the efforts of the mining experts, all the points about the wildlife and supplying the forage in the region are well done " .

Mehdiabad Mining Complex in Yazd is running the largest production of lead and zinc concentrate in Iran. In March, according to Article 44 of the Constitution and macro policies of the government on using the sector's private power,  IMIDRO handed off  to the consortium of  private companies with a plan to produce 800 thousand tons of zinc concentrate and 80 thousand tons of lead and silver concentrate.