The completion of the access road from the mine to Santo Road

Currently, the only access road has been constructed from Mehdiabad mine to km 19 and Mehdiabad Sqaure, and the resto of it, depending on destination will be Bahadoran Rural Road-Abolfazl Settlements or Bahadoran-Gerdkooh. But as these are the roads used by agricultural vehicles as well as people from the countryside, and in addition to this, the roads havethe lack of proper and adequate safety standards, there have been a lot of problems in this area.

To access the main Road, a new plan was designed by the consulting companies of Tarhe Noandishan and Garno to construct an asphalt road along the traditional road available in the area that has been previously used. This starts from Mehdiabad Square and connects to the main Road of Yazd-Kerman along with the farmlands.

Calamine range for studies is located at the North West end of lead and zinc mine pit with approximate area of 45 acres.