A 74% Rise of Production in the Mine in 2015

Mr. Hajighasemi, Mine, Exploration and Processing Manager of Mehdiabad Complex:

A 74 percent rise in production in the Mine in 2015.

Having expired the contract with Mobin Company, a mining contract was closed with Ribar Company based on technical and operational principals to decrease waste removal volumes and to increase production. A target of decreasing the costs of mining while improving quality and quantity of the mineral was set. To do this, decreased waste removal while increased mining followed by a fall of w/o ratio from 4 to 2 is a proof.

Hajighasemi added: the Mehdiabad progress is not limited to this and the progress can be obviously observed by a comparison between 2014 and 2015 and planning against execution in productions.

He carried on: a 74 percent rise in barite production compared to 2014 and a 43 percent rise in execution compared to plans shows everything clearly.