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Mehdiabad Mine Historic Sales         

Mehdiabad Mining Complex sold 1000 tons of Zinc Ore. According to the PR ; Mehdiabad  Lead, Zinc and Barite Mining Complex sold 1000 tons of zinc oxide with grade of 5%  in the past month. The commercial subsidiary of  Mehdiabad Mining Complex announced that :" while Mehdiabad's Lead and Zinc Mining Development Company, as the […]

Ghadir Celebration in Mehdiabad Mine

  Prophet Muhammad:  Whoever I am the Most Holy One, Ali is his master   Reported by Mehdiabad Mining Complex PR on August 29, 2018  on the eve of Eid Sa'id Ghadir, a celebration  was held with the presence of the Vice President of the Mine Manager and a group of managers, experts and other […]

Mining Photography National Festival follows the wide range of audiences

According to the Public Relations Mining Photography  Festival, Majid Mosahebi, referring to the recall of the event, which was published last week, said: This year's festival has been transfered to a more general place  and the show of the selected photos  will be 10 days in the gallery  "House Summery of Iranian Artists ". This […]

Quality in the shadow of training

Training unit is the most influential section that can have a significant impact on work efficiency by timely and appropriate training. According to the public relations of the mineral  complex, the training unit of this complex has been seriously implementing its training programs since the beginning of the year, according to the program designed to […]

Best Labors of Year appreciated

As reported by PR,  as the international day of Labors approaches, Mohammad Taghipour and Akbar Fallah were selected as the best labors of the year  in the  Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Mine. In a celebration for the Laborer Day participated by Vice President Hemayat and other colleagues to improve working culture and creativity […]