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Environmental Cleanup Day in Mehdiabad Lead, Zinc, & Barite Complex

    According to the Public Relations of Complex ; General manager and Personnel of the Complex, as a symbolic action and extensively by all managers, officials and personnel of the complex had the clean-up of the environment and trash collection from parts of the complex range, including the location of weights to the entrance […]

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine Laboratory to Cooperate with ISIRI

  According to the Public Relations of  Mehdiabad Mining Complex ; along with the measures taken to attract the investors of the Mehdi abad Mine and the beginning of the mining operations and the establishment of the factories to improve the quality and reliability of the integrated laboratory. Accordingly, due to the necessity of increasing […]

Governor Visits the Second-Largest Lead and Zinc Mine in the World

  According to the PR of  Mehdiabad  Mine  Complex ; Management of  Mehdiabad  Lead and Zinc  Mining  Complex said: This mining complex with annual production capacity of 800 thousand tons of zinc concentrate and 80 thousand tons of lead concentrate will be fully exploited in three stages in 4 years. And its first phase will […]

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Complex were known as the superior complex among Iran Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization complexes during the second quarter of 1396.

    ۱- Performance appraisal results for the second quarter of 1396 organization unit plans           Special Area for the Persian Gulf Mineral and Metal Industries Iran Mineral Processing and Processing Company National Steel Company of Iran Makran Steel Company Aluminum Company of Iran Insurance Company Investment Fund Mining  Activities Central […]

Holding the first meeting of the working group on how to supply water and its problems in the field of Mining and Mineral Industries of the Country.

  According to Public Relations of  Mehdiabad  Mineral Complex, the first meeting of the working group on how to supply water and review of  challenges was held by (IMIDRO), hosted by the  Mehdiabad  Lead and  Zinc and Barite  Complex  in Yazd.   The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy, IMIDRO's infrastructure […]

Mahdiabad Lead-Zinc Mine Phase I to Finish by End of 2019 Q1

  Commodity global prices have grown significantly over the past month, some analysts believe that prices are rising further, while others believe in the price stability of Commodities at current prices. At the moment, aluminum is traded at $ 2,100, $ 3,102 and $ 66,12 per tonne. The current price of Kamdomits is reasonable / […]

Sales of 40 Thousand Tons of Zinc Oxide Ore of Mehdiabad Mine (public tender advertised number 96/6-51 d)

IMPASCO plans for a public auction of sales of 40 thousand tons of zinc oxide ore of Mehdiabad Mine with average zinc carat of 7% (dry) to be held through the Government Electronic Procurement System (headquarters), with registration number 100,961,028,000,018 and with the details contained in the tender documents along with guarantees for tender for […]