A natural compound of barium sulfate is barite, with formula BaSO4, which is called Heavy Spar, included in sulfates group. The name comes from the Greek word barys meaning heavy due to its high and Specific Gravity. Its crystallization system is Orthorhombic. The most important minerals of barium include barite (BaSO4) and Witherite (BaCO3). Abundance of barite is more than Witherite. Barite can be found in nature as streaks, layers or remains. Main source of barium is barite. In Mehdiabad Complex, barite is mainly brown, gray and white.


Thermal and magmatic solutions with certain chemical compounds lead to formation of barite in faults, fractures and empty spaces between the particles and rock fragments. Barite is seen along with some of the thermal ores of silver, lead, zinc and Fluorite. Barite was discovered for the first time in Romania.

Mehdiabad host rocks of ore are Lower Cretaceous carbonate rocks consisting of three formations of Sangstan, Abkooh, and Taft. Sangstan formation is covered by Taft formation. Abkooh formation is in the upper section and on the Taft formation. The structure of the mineral in Mehdiabad ore is in form of a large syncline along the north-south direction, and has undergone several changes by numerous faults. The most important of these are the fault of the Black Hills, the fault has probably been active at the same time and after the Sedimentation.

In Mehdiabad Mine Complex, barite is categorized in different dumps on the basis of specific gravity.


Barit is considered a vital mineral in oil and gas drilling industry. Due to its high specific gravity, easy consumption during work, its neutral chemicality, and suitability in terms of price, barite is used in drilling mud. In deep drillings of oil and gas in areas by rotary method and in areas where liquid or gas pressure is heavy from bottom, there needs to be a heavy product for catheterization which rotates while preventing exit of materials and controling them. For the sake of the proper conditions of barite, it is used in this case. In this case, Barite powder can be added to conventional water  and  clay soluble. Due to this situation, such as the useful properties of the mixture being neutral in terms of chemical composition and being clean, very savory. Barite products of this complex are mainly sold for using in petroleum industries.

Other uses of barite include overlay and rubber coating and fluid color picker, glass, plastic, paint, paper industry, etc.

Safety information (barite)

First aid at time of exposure:

In case of contact:

Eye: Rinse with water quickly

Skin: wash with soap and water

Respiratory: use respiratory equipment

Devour: emergency medicine