Holding the first meeting of the working group on how to supply water and its problems in the field of Mining and Mineral Industries of the Country.

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According to Public Relations of  Mehdiabad  Mineral Complex, the first meeting of the working group on how to supply water and review of  challenges was held by (IMIDRO), hosted by the  Mehdiabad  Lead and  Zinc and Barite  Complex  in Yazd.


The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy, IMIDRO's infrastructure management, managing director of Yazd province's regional water company, and owners of mines and mines in the country regarding water supply and challenges ahead.


At the beginning of the meeting, the general report was presented by the Mehdi abad  Lead and Zinc and Barite  Complex , and then the  IMIDRO infrastructure manager presented the problems and the need for a two-way coordination between the industry and the mine with the Ministry of Energy.


In the sequel, Drs. Torabi, Acting Director of the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project on the Central Plate and from the Ministry of Energy, introduced a comprehensive study of the country's water needs on the horizons of 1404, 1425 and 1450, and called for joint cooperation in order to better draft this plan.  At  the end it was decided to do this with the management of the Ministry of Energy and with the core of IMIDRO's organization.