Investor Selection for Mehdiabad Mine to Finalize Soon


Mehdiabad Mine Complex PR: Mr. Safari, Manager of the Complex stated that the investor of the complex will be selected in the current month.

He said: as the deadline for submission of the porposals of companies applying for Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine closed, 10 companies in form of 3 consertiums sumitted their technical and financial proposals to IMIDRO.

A meeting between Deals Committee of IMIDRO and the representatives of the consertiums was held on Saturday, July 30. In the meeting, envelops A and B of the consertiums were opened by the members of the committee and envelops B were submitted to technical and trade committee for further technical and financial reviews.

Clearly, envelops C (financial proposal) of the consertiums will be opened after evaluations are finalized. This will identify the winning party. Therefore, it is expected that by the help of God, the investor of the Great Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine will be identified in the current month.