Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine Laboratory to Cooperate with ISIRI

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According to the Public Relations of  Mehdiabad Mining Complex ; along with the measures taken to attract the investors of the Mehdi abad Mine and the beginning of the mining operations and the establishment of the factories to improve the quality and reliability of the integrated laboratory.

Accordingly, due to the necessity of increasing the reliability of the correctness and  accuracy of the tests , improving the level of results and credibility of the laboratory, the purposeful use of personnel capabilities, promoting customer – orientation , …. , the lab of this complex  prepares to get certification  ISO / IEC 17025 , 2005 and

this was accomplished by employing expert counseling, personnel training, providing infrastructure and conducting audit.                                                                                 

After the evaluation of the audit by the Committee at the National Center for National Certification of Iran under the supervision of the National Organization, ISO / IEC 17025 certificate was awarded to the laboratory of the complex.

Based on this, the Laboratory of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Complex is the only IMIDRO – affiliated complex as a lab partner is identified in the field , which will certainly increase the credibility of the complex.