Operations of Iran’s Largest Zinc Mine and Factories Launched at Presence of Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade


Mining Group – Mining operations and construction of lead and zinc factories in Mahdi Abad opened this morning with the presence of Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and the chairman of the IMIDRO Executive Committee.

The start of the operation of the largest mine and factories in Iran with the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade

According to the Minnews, a decree on mining operations and the construction of lead and zinc factories in Mehdi Abad was held at a ceremony attended by Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Mehdi Karbassian, Jafar Sarqini, Deputy Minister of Mineral Affairs and Mineral Industries, Mayr Mohammadi, Governor of Yazd, and a group of provincial and provincial officials. This entry was posted on.

The definitive reserve of the lead and zinc mine of Mehdi Abad, the largest lead and zinc mine in Iran, and one of the world's largest lead and zinc in the world, is 154 million tons, with 88 million tons of the definite reserves of the mine, "sulfur" and 66 million tons Another is Oxidae, with precise exploratory operations expected to reach more than 700 million tons.

The geological storage of barite is 124 million tons, 84 million tons of which can be extracted. The Pit Zinc Mine and Lead Mahdi Abad is 1903 meters long, 1433 meters wide and 340 meters deep.

Mahdi Abad Lead and Zinc Mine is located 115 kilometers south-east of Yazd city (Mehriz city)