Sales of 10 Thousand Tons of Barite Ore of Mehdiabad Mine (public tender advertised number 95/10-73 d)

IMPASCO plans for a public auction of sales of 12 thousand tons of barite ore of Mehdiabad Mine with Average specific gravity of 10% (dry) to be held through the Government Electronic Procurement System (headquarters), with registration number 100,951,028,000,001 and with the details contained in the tender documents.

All procedures of the auction from documents reception to submission of offers, envelope opening and finally declaration of winner will be performed over through the Government Electronic Procurement System. Therefore, registration and submission of electronic signature certificate is required for the applicants of the tender if not registered yet. Release date of auction will be 10 am on January 2,2017 and offers should be submitted no later than 17 of January 21, 2017. Envelopes will be opened on January 22, 2017 at 9 am.

To register and receive e-signature certificate, applicants should call +98-21-85193768 or +98-21-88969737 or visit .

This ad has been published in Etelaat and Jaam-e-Jam newspapers.