Sales of 50 thousand tons of Calamine and 50 thousand tons of Eastern Oxidized Mineral-Issue 47-8 / 93 (d) (deadline passed)

tender number in the Staff System: 100931028000009

Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) intends to sell 50 thousand tons of calamine at zinc grade of 8% and 50 thousand tons of eastern oxidized at zinc grade of 6.5% related to Mehdiabad Mine of Yazd in a public auction and by the method of delivery in Mehdiabad Zinc Mine (in Yazd Province).

For more information, interested parties are hereby invited to visit e-procurement system administration (staff) at and to call +98-21-27313131. They are supposed to register and submit their proposals on Nov. 9, 2014 from 11 up to 17  through the above-mentioned system.

Company Address: No. 1713, South Tower, fifth floor, Vali Asr Square, Tehran, Iran and Telephone: 84813511.

Auction number in Staff System: 100931028000009