Stripping of Iran’s Biggest Lead and Zinc Mine to Kick off in One Month


Mine stripping and processing tests are priorities of Mahdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine in the news year.

According to the public relations of IMPASCO, by stating this, Director Amin Safari said according to the negotiations with the investor winning the auction on Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine, there is a 3-month windows to equip the Lead and Zinc Mine workshop and 180 million tons of waste will be stripped within 4 years.

He went on, adding: April 15 this year, mining operations of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine will officially begin by the investor of the project.

Safari noted: in construction of the plant with a capacity of 800 thousand tons of lead and zinc concentrates, technical and economic studies and the choice of technology, testing processing and obtaining environmental licenses, water and electricity etc will be performed in the first year, which some items will be made earlier than one year according to the Investor.

Director of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite said after securing the infrastructure required, 3 years is required for construction of the plant but again the investor has promised to operate 25% of plant production capacity in 2 years.

Pointing to sales of Mehdiabad lead and zinc mineral, he said: according to the contract, the investor is bound to extract and deliver annually 500 thousand tons more than its capacity to complex depots, so the raw material for lead and zinc factories around Mehdiabad is supplied through auctions.

while emphasizing continuation of the mine explorations in other parts of Mehdiabad, Safari continued: other parts of mine that are outside the scope of the final pit, such as mineral calamine, etc. are experiencing additional explorations, which will be planned more in the near future.

Director of Mehdiabad lead and zinc and barite mine reminded in the end: Fortunately, all previous claims of various companies in the pursuit of mehdiabad mine are officially settled and closed, and a new round of administrative activities with the participation of reputable companies has started.

Also, in a ceremony held on the final days of the Iranian year in the presence of Minister of industry, mining and trade, contracts for Mahdiabad lead and zinc mine and factories investment was closed.

From among 13 applicants, finally a consortium consisting of Mobin mining company, Kahanroba engineering company, Iran's Association for lead and zinc, Maskani copper company, Sarmak Mining Companies and South Aria Iranians company were announced as winner.