The high presence of Mehdiabad lead and zinc complex in the first conference and exhibition of non-ferrous metals in the country



According to Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine PR, the first conference and exhibition of non-ferrous metals was held with the help of the media of the world economy at the Conference Center of IRIB on October 2th and 3th in Tehran.

Accordingly, industries such as lead and zinc, copper, aluminum, and gold …. Under the shadow of the steel, which has always been the centerpiece of most conferences and gatherings, they were commented more seriously with the presence of deputy ministers, the Minister of Honor, the Chief Executive Officers and all public and private companies and the activists of these industries in this regard.

IMIDRO Director Dr. Karbasian said : " In the lead and zinc section we were able to achieve a special international position and reduce the concern of the activists in this field" .

He introduced the Mehdiabad mine as a substitute for supply zinc in the country and thanked the investors in this collection.

IMIDRO deputy Dr. Sa'd Mohammadi also spoke on the standard of the mining sector and the serious need for this sector.

 In the panel of lead and zinc industry, which was held on the second day of the conference, Mr. Sa'd Mohammadi presented the country's lead and zinc master plan, which was presented to the auditorium. He also thanked the general manager and personnel of the mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Complex for preparing this project.

The Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mining Complex participated in the conference and with its full participation in the exhibition showed its products to meet customers, and  Presented the full picture of lead and zinc and future prospects of the Mehdiabad mine with the maximum presence of complex experts.