Winning Consortium Submits Obligation Delivery Guarantee for Progress Period



In an interview with Public Relations, Head of PMO of Mehdiabad Mining Complex said that the winning consortium has submitted its obligation delivery guarantee for progress period.

Engineer Lotfi, Head of PMO: following the investment call for construction and operation of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc mines and plants and then the selection of the winner of the call as the consortium under leadership of Mobin Company (Mobin Road and Mine Company, Kahanroba Engineering, Lead and Zinc Indutries Association, Maskani Copper and Sormak Mines), the consortium submitted the 510bn IRR guarantee as 1-year obligation delivery guarantee (including pre-waste removal, technical studies to construct plant, and provision of infrastructures) to IMIDRO.

Alireza Lotfi added: by help of God, contract of construction and operation of biggest lead and zinc mine of the Middle East will be signed in near future.