World’s Second Largest Lead-Zinc Mineral Deposit Located in Yazd Operations Launched


Yazd – IRNA – Operation of the world's second-largest lead-zinc mine and construction of lead and zinc factories began on Tuesday at a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry in Mahdi Abad Bahadoran in Mehriz city of Yazd.

The governor of Yazd and a group of provincial executives attended the ceremony, the director of the Mahdi Abad mineral complex said: "The investor of the lead and zinc mine in Mahdi Abad, after the contract was announced, started to equip the mine workshop this past April. During that time, the machinery required for mining was set at 30 million metric tons per year in mine and mine-mining activities to provide the ground for the operation of the mine and the construction of processing factories.

Amin Safari added that during the first year of the contract, the first phase of the contract was called for the purpose of performing engineering studies of factories and licensing for the transfer of infrastructure. At the same time, the pre-shipment operation was carried out and it is planned to build refineries within three years.

The reporter noted that although according to the contract, the investor must take 4 years in advance of the construction of the factories, but according to the plans provided by the investor in case of the realization and provision of infrastructure, the first phase of the factories in It will be operational by the beginning of the year 98, and after 2 years we will see the production of 200,000 tons of zinc concentrate in this complex.

Safari said the operation of the lead and zinc processing plants in Mahdi Abad, in addition to creating sustainable employment and supplying domestic and domestic lead factories, provides the opportunity for the country to lead the world market of lead and zinc in the market as one of the major producers.

He stated that the production capacity of the factories with the full commissioning of the phases of the plan is 800 thousand tons of zinc concentrate at least 35 percent as the main product, as well as the production of lead-silver concentrate as a by-product and the duration of the contract is 24 years.

The lead and zinc mine of Mehdi-Abad is located in the Bahadoran Mehriz village, 45 km from Mehriz and 100 km from the center of Yazd province.

The mine is one of the largest mines in the Middle East with 200 million tons of mineral deposits containing 70 percent Zn and 30 percent lead.