Mahriz Governor and Majlis Member Report Visit to Complex

 PR: in December 2014, the Governor of Mahriz along with the Majlis Member of Mahriz as well as their experts visited Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Complex and checked the current issues there. Having visited the Mine and different spots, the visiting group held a meeting in the Complex office and discussed different issues.

Mr. Dakhil Abbas Zarezadeh, Majlis Member of Mahriz discussed different issues on the development of Yazd Province and added: operation of this Mine will play a key role in development of Yaz Province as well as creating jobs. He appreciated the efforts made so far and emphasized that the public and authorities of the Province request acceleration of operations here.

Amin Safari as the Manager of Mehdiabad Mine Complex presented a report covering the five-fold increase of mineral material production, sales of mineral oxide soil as well as calamine and barite, building an access road to barite Mine, barite processing plant establishment documents development, follow-ups for a second phase of access road to the Mine to connect the existing road to the main transit road of Yaz-Kerman.

In the meeting, the Complex manager mentioned the huge deposit and capability of the Barite Mine and stated that in order to operate the mine, different steps have been take including exploration data collection, restore identification, and mining plan development by the consultant. He also clarified that the documents of call for processing plant establishment have been published to avoid sales of raw material, which will go through nex steps after approval of IMIDRO.

For the mining of the main Mine, there have been several follow-ups from the Complex and IMIDRO with numerous meetings in ministerial level to accelerate the process.   


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