All equipment of  the first phase of Mehdiabad Zinc processing Enter / Equipment installation program; Coming soon.


According to Mehdiabad Mine PR, Amin Safari stated: "All equipment of the first phase of the plant will enter the mine by the end of this year, and it is anticipated that it is first phase will be exploited in early 98."

He stated that more than 70 percent of the first-phase operation would be completed by the end of the year and  added that the installation of equipment carry out respectively in three parts : crusher, mills and flotation cells. The equipment will supply from prestigious  European Companies, which has already entered the mill facilities and will be installed soon.

He carried on : " the mills of this project  supplied from  prestigious German Company  and  the first installment has been paid by the investor".  In addition, the contract for Flotation cells will be closed  to a valid  company in next month.

As for the operation of the mining sector, he said: "More than 30 million tons of waste removal has been landed at the site so far."

Safari also mentioned : " this  Company after tapping  500 people directly employing  last year  will reach  to 1,000 people by starting the first phase of the processing plant".

Safari said : " by launching of the first phase of the plant, we being able to produce 200 thousand tons of Zinc concentrates in the Complex  and production capacity of plant  will reach 800 thousand tons in the future".

He said: " Due to the complexity of the type of soil in the Mehdiabad Mine, its processing has problems that require to enter technology and equipment". At the same time, Safari emphasized: "we are trying to make native production technology so that in the next phases we can use Iranian experts as well" .

Safari reminded: " processing studies are conducting in Australia and the Zinc Sulfide phase has been finalized and we have begun manufacturing processes, and Zinc Oxide studies will be finalized this year".

The manager of the Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mining Complex praised the private sector and state administration in the mining sector and said: "The private sector has been in good interaction with the government and should support this sector".