Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine Actively Participates Second International Iran Mining Seminar



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According to Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Mine PR, the Seminar which was held for two days at the Conference Center of IRIB, enjoyed the participation of Minister of Mining, Industry and Trade Mr. Nematzadeh, IMIDRO BoD Chairman Dr Karbasian and other managers of foreign and domestic companies.

This great mining event was held on December 10th and 11th, 2016.

Excerpts from the statements of the speakers of this great event about Mehdiabad Mine:

Minister of Mining, Industry and Trade Mr. Nematzadeh:

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine has been revived again, having recently been handed off to an Iranian consortium through a tender.

IMIDRO BoD Chairman Dr Karbasian:

Also, In lead and zinc we have large reserves such as Mehdiabad, where recently a domestic consortium won the tender.We hope foreign companies as well assist the delivery of this project.

Mines and Mining Industries Commission Chairman at Iran’s Chamber of Commerce Bahram Shakouri:

– Iran’s target is producing 300 thousand tons of processed zinc by 2025, which the activation of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc project will help to fulfill.

–Recently Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine was privatized by Mining, Industry and Trade Ministry. It is planned to have an 800-thousand-ton zinc concentrate plant and an 80-thousand-tonlead concentrate plant beside it. The contract validity period of the project is 24 years. An amount of 4 is dedicated to studies and the construction of the plant, then 20 years for the operation of the mine. We require government contribution to the infrastructures required for the activation of Mehdiabad.

-Mehdiabad project requires an investment of 1.5 billion US dollars and we invite foreign companies to participate in this project.

Chairman of Expediency Council Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's remarks in the Second International Iran Mining Seminar:

-Iran is among the few top countries in the world in having mineral resources but we have been weak at exploration of mines.

– Based on the general policies signed by Supreme Leader, the limits for the investment in the country has been lifted.

– In Iran’s high-ranking documents, priority was given to export of processed minerals but mineral exports were not hindered at all. However, for foreign companies processing minerals is a lot cheaper than other countries.

-The country’s high-ranking policies are not changeable – and only Supreme Leader can make changes into them in consultation with the Expediency Council.

– In my own Administration, I tracked the tar unit which later failed to be followed up; it is a very important field in steel and. .. .

– From now on, the development of the country depends on startups. Within one year, 1000 startups were established in the Islamic Azad University.

– Administration of Mr. Rouhani has provided the country with economic development opportunities.

– Development of the country is possible only through the private sector and priority is given to private sector in all areas of business including mining and mining industries.

– Iran should rank first among the countries in the region. In terms of the natural reserves, we surely rank first, but our rank in production is under argument!

– Wholesale of raw minerals is the second priority.

– As we are weak in terms of bauxite reserves, a mine in Guinea has been acquired, so that we can import bauxite for the country.

– The main priority in the mineral activities is environment concerns. The Treaty of Paris was signed by Iran as well and we must be committed to it. Of course, we don't know who really Trump is and he is a bit of a populist and we do not know him yet, but he has to stick to the Treaty of Paris and the environment.

–With biological technology, Islamic Azad University of is looking for a method to stabilize the existing dusts in the country especially the haze.