Mining Photography National Festival follows the wide range of audiences

According to the Public Relations Mining Photography  Festival, Majid Mosahebi, referring to the recall of the event, which was published last week, said: This year's festival has been transfered to a more general place  and the show of the selected photos  will be 10 days in the gallery  "House Summery of Iranian Artists ". This change seems to be a major change over the previous year, because the home space of the artists can attract more viewers.

He reminded: Last year we had to test the festival as a specialized festival, so we could not predict the audience.  As a result, we held the festival in the "IMIDRO".  But this year, due to the wide range  of audiences in last year, we decided to host the event at the Iranian Artists' House.
The second secretary of the Mine Photography Festival also announced that after the event, we will have six exhibitions to the next year's festival all over the country.

Mosahebi referring  to the call to participate in the event on September 6th, explained: We tried to provide information to the target community as much as we did last year and in this regard, the call was published in print and available to organizations, and we coordinated with universities and art and photography centers to announce the call.

He emphasized that the deadline for sending works is not renewable because the selection board should have the opportunity to evaluate the effects.
 The secretary of the Mine Photography  Festival noted: Considering that we had nearly two thousand works last year, we anticipate to enter 3,000 works this year  so we can not extend the deadline for sending works to the festival.

Mosahebi  stated: " we will introduce the works to the contest section to be presented to the jury on 7 October, so that we can determine the selected works."

The secretary of the Mine Photography  Festival in the final section of the conversation said: "This year we will expand the festival tours that will be called before the deadline, and we will try to use photography professors in these tours as well. There are undoubtedly three specialist tours that are nationally held and interested people can register.

He also said that at least three tours will be held indigenously, which will be attended by those interested in the province where the mine is located.

Mine Photography  Festival will be called with the topics  "Man and Mine", "Glory of Mining and Mineral Industries" and "Safety and Environment in Mining and Mineral Industries" and has given the opportunity to send their works to the secretariat of the festival in Tehran, Somaee Ave  after Mofatteh, No.100 , second floor, until the 17th of September.

Festival choosers will receive the Kimia Show.