Research and Development

Mehdiabad Mine Complex has begun establishment of its Research and Development Department to update and keep optimizing the entire cycle from exploration to product sales and to prevent financial losses due to incorrect processes and to order up developmental measures. Obviously there is no development without research. The more comprehensive the research, the less the problems of execution and development and the lower the risk of changes. Hence the plans of Research and Development Dept. are based on science and practice in order to overcome the existing problems and obstacles in the path of the production of the product, whether quantitative or qualitative.

Research activities in progress

۱٫ lead and zinc processing studies with the method of leaching and flotation (using the sample representing the mine)

۲٫ check the existence and determine the amount of rare earth elements in Mehdiabad Mine

۳٫ determine the cut-off grade for Zinc & Barite

۴٫ the studies estimated the copper reserve

۵ reviews and revisions on calamine deposit as well as the technical and economic assessment of it

۶٫ increased specific gravity of barite in pilot scale by gravity methods

۷٫ studies in the field of marketing of  Mehdi Abad barite, forecast prices based on market mechanism and Barite stocks classification

۸٫ Optimize the blasting patterns in order to reduce over-size stones, explosive materials consumption and costs

۹٫ check the amount of heavy elements transfering to the area downstream of the village common area

۱۰٫ reviews of environmental accessibility rate prevailing on the heavy metals lead and zinc Mehdi-Abad in the skin and the blood of animals around mining area

۱۱٫ check the health status of the environment such as epidermic diseases, health of drinking water and dust

۱۲٫ reviews of ergonomics and prevalence of skeletal as well as muscular disorders