Tender and Investor Call to Hold on International Level Soon for Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Complex Manager: a tender and an investor call for the Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine will be held soon on international level.

PR: Amin Safari said: mani parts of this project include equipping Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine and preparing it for mining activities as well as establishing processing plants to mine 800 thousand tons of concentrate zinc or equivalent amount.

He carried on: the call will have two steps, and pre-evaluation step will be published this month. Currently, the documents are being drawn up by assistance of recognized national and international consultants to make it as attractive as possible for Iranian and international investors.

Based on the report, Mehdiabad Mine has a remarkable deposit of 154 million tons with average 6 percent grade for zinc, 2 percent for lead and 44 gram/ton silver, inclusing:

  1. Zinc Sulphide with 85 million tons deposit with grade of 6.8%
  2. Zinc Oxide with 69 million tons deposit with grade of 5%

Also, there is a deposit of 124 million tons of barite ore with special weight of 3.8 gr/cm3.