Mehdiabad Mine Historic Sales         

Mehdiabad Mining Complex sold 1000 tons of Zinc Ore.

According to the PR ; Mehdiabad  Lead, Zinc and Barite Mining Complex sold 1000 tons of zinc oxide with grade of 5%  in the past month.

The commercial subsidiary of  Mehdiabad Mining Complex announced that :" while Mehdiabad's Lead and Zinc Mining Development Company, as the winner of the above auctions, is waiting for transferring  these materials to the factory, Dorrin Kashan, also from old customers The barite of this complex has started loading and carrying the second consignment of barite soil this month" .

Dorrin Co. has purchased 20,000 tons of barite from the Mehdiabad Mining Complex, this is while the Dorrin Company of Kashan has completed its last load on the transportation and delivery of 10,000 tons of barite soils with a specific gravity of  4  on 31 Dec. 2013, and the remaining 10,000 tons has been started with grade of 4/15 %  during the shipment and loading operations to the Dorrin Co. on 1 Jan 2019.