Mehdiabad Lead & Zinc Processing Plants to Construct in Less than 2 Years

According to Mehdiabad Mine PR, CEO Safari said, in April 2017, Mehdiabad investment contract was declared and the mine was agreed to be set up with machinery by end of June but the investor provided the required machinery one month prior to the deadline.

He carried on: by contract, in 4 years 185 million tons will be stripped. In the meantime, zinc concentrate production plants with minimum capacity of 800 thousand tons and minimum carat of 35 percent will be constructed.

CEO Safari added: as coordinated by the investor, 25% of plants capacity with approximate capacity of 200 thousand tons will enter the first production phase in the next two years.

Safari pointed to the provision of required infrastructure in the next 4 years in Mehdiabad Mine and said, regarding the complexities of the mineral in Mehdiabad Mine, we needed several tests and the right selection of technology, which in addition to national technologies, there will be international technologies in practice. Fortunately, good results have been achieved in this regard, and the investor will purchase the machinery.

He also mentioned: in this contract, operationalization license of Mehdiabad Mine belongs to IMIDRO as the governmental party of the Mine but by the model agreed here, the investor will pay to the Government a percentage of the metal elements and products after production and sales as the share. However, investment security is guaranteed for the private sector according to FIPPA and by the contract closed.

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine is located 115 km away from southeast of Yazd, and it contains the second largest zinc deposit after Monalisa, Australia.