Mehdiabad Mine and Factories Investment Contract Closed

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Mehdiabad Mining Complex PR: in a ceremony attended by Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine and Factory investment contract was close.

Regarding this issue, the Mining Complex CEO Amin Safari said: taking necessary steps and by going through legal procedures and after holding a two-step tender and technical and commercial evaluation, IMIDRO accepted submissions of proposed prices and from the 13 requesting consortiums, finally a consortium formed by Mobin Mining Company, Kahanroba Engineering Company, Iran Lead and Zinc Association, Maskani Copper Company, Sormak Mines Company and Arya Jonoob Iranian Company won the tender.

He carried on: the consortium submitted required bank guarantees for obligation commitment in progress period (equal to 510 billion IRR) and signed their contract in a ceremony attended by Industry, Mine and Trade Minister.

Safari added: "the contract construction of processing plants with a capacity of 800 tons of zinc concentrate and lead concentrate and 80 thousand tons of silver and 180 million tons of tailings of earlier operations in the first 4 years of the main goals of the project is the beginning of the investment of over one billion dollars.

Safari: based on the aforementioned contract, the investor shall, after conducting workshops and providing mine equipping machines for mining and tailings operations required, the operation has started and its parallel processing plants required studies and providing the infrastructure on the agenda.

On this basis, and with the end of a one-year advance period enter the period of construction and a maximum of 3 years during the construction of factories, processing of lead and zinc and silver takes place and then in a period of 20 years of operation of the relevant plants.

Mineral complex Manager Mehdi-Abad in the end declared: this project after tapping 1000 people directly and indirectly employing. 3000 people will create a significant economic boom and that entrepreneurs in the region and the great transformation and promotion of lead and zinc industry in Iran, the results of this important national project that God willing with all relevant devices to perform.

Lead and zinc Mehdiabad with 716 million tons of geological storage is about the discovery on the world 7% metal content in the initial design that holds 154 million tons with an average of 6% on the shifter, 2% lead, 50 g removable silver-tone.