Public Auction sales ads for calamine and Zinc of Mehdiabad-number 8 _ K / 94/06 and No. 9. R / 94/06 (deadline passed)


Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Mine Complex intends to sell 100 thousand tons of calamine and zinc oxide lumps through a public auction with the following terms and condition (Presence of natural persons is permitted in the auction):

a) auction #8 _ K / 94/06 sales of 50,000 tonnes of calamine lumps at a grade of 8% (guarantee to participate in the auction is 1.5 billion Rials)

b) auction No. 9. R / 94/06 sales of 50,000 tonnes of zinc oxide lumps at a grade of 8% (guarantee to participate in the auction is 750 million Rials)

۱) auction participation type of deposit: guarantee to participate in the auction should be provided as bank guarantees or bank guaranteed authentic checks acceptable by the employer in Complex account.

۲) proposals with no deposits, flawed deposits, deposits less than the amount prescribed, personal checks and the likewise will not be given effect.

۳) The amount and type of deposit for obligations delivery: amount of guarantee to deliver obligations will be 10% of total contract, upon contract signing.

۴) contract amount payment method: The buyer must, when sigining the contract, draw and submit two checks, each equivalent to 50% of the total contract for 5 and 20 days from the date of conclusion of the contract for the seller. Obviously, cargo transport license is issued only after receipt of payment.

۵) deadline for the purchase and delivery of documents: the time of sales of documents will be from advertising date till Wednesday Sep. 23, 2015, and the maximum date of submission of proposals to the offices of the complex will be Saturday Oct. 3, 2015 15 pm. All proposals will be opened on Sunday Oct. 4, 2015 at 10:00 at Mehdiabad Mine Complex Management Office located in Yazd.

۶) place of auction document arrival:

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Mines Complex, km 75 from Mahriz, Yazd city, Contact Number: +98-35-32554194

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc and Barite Mine Complex Office, Second Floor, National Iranian Steel Company Building, Vali Asr Square, Tehran, Iran

۷) price and selling time of documents: price of of sales documents is 500,000 Rials in cash deposit to account No. 653 495 160 Agricultural Bank branches bahadoran Mehrgostar in name of Complex.

Other information and details can be found in the auction documents.

If the first and second winners do not present, their deposits will be forfeited.

Mehdiabad Zinc and Barite Mines Complex reserves the rights to accept or reject any of the proposals.